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There is an old saying about the wisdom of under commitment followed by over delivery. That sort of applies to my recent trip with my friends to ride with Captain Baja.

However, in this case, there was no under commitment but there sure was over delivery. I expected a nice trip with good riding on nice bikes and good folks. Everything exceeded expectations.

Some people wind up doing the very thing in life they were meant to do. That is the case with Kirk, Jae and Cassie. They were, in a single word: "Awesome!"

They do what they do, and they do it all, very, very well.

Thanks to all 3 for a truly wonderful 5 days.

Brian Ashby

Captain Baja serves up adventure and adrenaline fueled-fun in Baja like no one else. Kirk and Jae offer the road less traveled but in style. Don't miss the chance to wash down Baja's best dirt with a cold beer and fresh ceviche at one of their stops as they navigate Baja's wildest terrain. I pre-ran the 2014 Baja 1000 with them and look forward to next visit.

William St. Laurent

Just finished a three day ride with Kirk and it was amazing. If you enjoy riding off-road, Kirk and the Baja are for you. He has real passion for riding and sharing the Baja with fellow riders. The entire support team at Captain Baja are amazing hosts

Our group consisted of 8 riders. Kirk chose routes to accommodate all of us. He started out with easier routes to gauge rider skills. By the last day riders were ready for more challenging terrain. The Baja has something for all levels of riders.

We will be back with a group next year. I want to share this experience we had with Kirk with all my fellow riders

David Remlinger

I had a great experience meeting the Captain Baja guide and support team, Kirk, Jae, Cassie & Cade, who not only offered great hospitality, but impressed me with how committed they are to ensure they´re properly trained, certified and equipped to respond to medical emergencies in remote areas where conventional EMS is not available. If you want to explore Baja through an offroad motorbike expedition, at Captain Baja you´ll find the most safety conscious team to show you the beauty of the peninsula´s wonderful remote landscapes.

Guri Sejzer, EFR

This was an amazing trip all around. Captain Baja (Kirk, Jae, Cassie and Cade) were awesome. The bikes were top notch and so much fun to ride! The accommodations were comfortable and food exceeded expectations. Our group (Bachelor Party) had a variety of ability levels and Kirk and Cade did an fantastic job balancing fun and safety during our rides. Fortunately, our group’s confidence and skills improved and our last ride was one for the memory books! Jae and Cassie’s ground support made our time off the bikes extra comfortable and spoiled us with great refreshments and treats. I can’t wait to come back for another tour.


John Bainton

Having participated in many tours, I must promote Captain Baja Adventure Tours as the best! I enjoy tours that showcase the local view of the location..the hidden beaches, the unique archeological/historic features and of course the best tacos!!! The KTM bikes were extremely well prepped when I arrived (thank's Captain), handled great and hauled ass! Our long rides were superb and well organized. I can't wait to bring the posse and do another trip with Captain Baja Adventure Tours. Muchos Gracias


Greg Willits

Five Pines Lodge

Sisters, OR

Having rode KTM and Husaberg bikes for many years, I prefer to ride orange! So when checking out riding in the Baja, Chris Haines and Baja Bound only ride red. I discovered Captain Baja and his bitchen' KTM 450sx bikes were setup and ready to roll. Headed to Cabo and less than an hour later, I'm sittin' in paradise sipping a cold one! Meeting up with the Captain & Jae was easy, organized and ready to rip. Next morning we tore it up! Baja Sur had gotten some was tropical and lush with cactus! Moisture in the dirt, all I can say is EPIC! 7 days, so many miles, views, beaches, the locals and the grub...I'm planning my next trip back. Thanks for the awesome adventure!


Josh Smith

Vista, CA

Wanted to tell you how much I loved the ride! Having spent 10 years of vacations in Baja, I thought I knew the area well. I got to see places I didn't even imagine. I really appreciate your patience with me as a complete novice on the dirt and your willingness to push me outside of my comfort zone. I can't wait to come back and ride with you guys again!


Samuel Yount

Portola, CA




As an avid off-road rider from South Africa, I was very fortunate to spend a few days in Baja with Captain Baja traversing the spectacularly arid region. Kirk & Jae run an awesome business and for those of you who are looking for a "trail ride with a difference", you will not be disappointed in arranging this via Captain Baja. From the very moment we arrived at the Cabo airport and were greeted with a warm welcome by Kirk and his partner Jae, our every need and expection was duly filled. Kirk runs a number of KTM bikes (450's) that are very well maintained and equipped to ensure both the professional and novice rider alike having modern and safe equipment to enjoy their ride - whether it be fast or technical. Kirk has spent many months traversing the Baja to ensure that rides can be undertaken with various skill levels in mind. From smooth flowing sandy tracks to more technical "moonscape" and rocky rides, every rider will enjoy the outride. Kirk has also formed great relationships with the local communities, where he will also be able to share the history, culture and areas of interest to riders. Kirk has also become a bit of a cult figure with the locals, where their knowledge of the Baja 1000 and Kirks association thereto, has heralded him a local hero! I simply have to return to ride with Kirk again, as we only managed to see a fraction of the riding terrain during our stay there. Captain Baja is not just an off-road adventure, but rather a life experience that leaves an indelible memory with you forever!


Kevin Hinton

Pretoria South Africa












Since leaving Captain Baja, I've replayed the trip in my head countless of times, and will probably do so until my next trip back.

Day 1 kicked off with a great mornings ride along the coastal ridge line of some fast and smooth flowing local roads, allowing us to get adjusted to the powerful KTM 450's before stopping to cool off on a private beach. After catching some rays on the beach, it was time to gear up again and head out once more and continue along the ridge line before stopping for lunch at a local taco bar. The end to a perfect first day!

Day 2 saw a little slower of a start due to some aching body's from the previous days riding. But none the less, Captain Baja had the KTM's all prepped and ready for another day on the trails. This time it was out into the washes and some slightly more technical riding, that kept you on your toes all 60 miles long, pushing hard over the challenging local terrain before coming home along the beaches. This days ride is definitely a ride that I will always remember.

Day 3 was a day to allow the battered and bruised body's to heal as we headed out onto the waters of the Sea of Cortez to try to catch ourselves some fresh seafood for our BBQ on the beach. Unfortunately we picked a bad day for the fish to bite, but the experience we had swimming with the hundreds of dophins and a friendly passing whale was unforgettable.

Day 4 saw us gear up for our last ride in Baja and once again Kirk kept us surprised and on our toes with this knowledge of the endless amount of trails Baja Sur had to offer. Before we knew it, our 4 night stay at Captain Baja was over and we were back on the plane heading home. All I can say is thank you to Kirk & Jae for allowing us into your slice of paradise and your friendly and welcoming hospitality. I'm already searching the calendar, planning my next trip back an I can't wait to share my stories with friends and family back home. 

Thank's again for the lifetime experience I'll never forget Captain Baja!


Brandon Hinton

Pretoria South Africa












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