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Captain Baja caters to groups novice to expert! When booking your adventure you will be asked a series of questions so we have an understanding of your riding skill level - please be honest as we wish everyone to fully enjoy the adventure!

We only place similar skill level riders together for the trips and will not accept under-skilled riders to 'fill' a spot. Small groups of equally matched riders are preferred over making a group.



Captain Baja is focused on providing you with the best possible experience. That's why we cater to SMALL GROUPS with a maximum of 5 to 7 riders, leaving behind the headaches of larger fragmented groups. We do take larger groups on request. So if you have an adventure in mind, send a note, get a quote!


  • LEADNAV is on board, never get lost!

  • Less dust - better riding

  • Radio communication for safety & convenience

  • No long waits at every intersection

  • Fly in and ride the next day! No border crossing's to worry about, taking up your vacation time.

  • More miles, less hassle



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