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Captain Baja
CaptainBaja Kirk.

Riding/racing is my passion. I've been in love with motorcycles for 40 plus years. Participating in over 250 professional races, has allowed me to experience a wide variety of terrain in all the western states from tight, wet woods to the high and low deserts. Racing disciplines of the ISDE qualifiers, GP, Moto, desert, Worcs. and finally got to live my longtime dream of racing the Baja. Placing in the top 10 overall in SCORE'S Baja series in class 22, 21 40 Pro and finished on the first diesel motorcycle in history!

2018 Race ready/logistics team consulting for the Baja 1000.

2018/present Captain/logistics for Score International Baja races, no DNF's!

2017 Score Off Road Racing World Desert Champion Class 40 Pro.

2016 Score Off Road Racing World Desert Racing Champion Class 40 Pro.

2015 Score World Desert Racing 2nd place 40 Pro

2014 Open pro off road champion 1X for Baja Sur and 2013 has presented me the accolade of the Overall offroad Pro in Baja Sur. What a hoot it's been so far! The last 30 years I've traveled the world for work & pleasure. If I wasn't traveling, I was planning my next escape with group rides to explore the western states and Mexico with my compadre's.


Planning & executing all types of adventures from international trips to hunting & fishing and of course motorcycle adventures. My friends starting call me 'Captain' and it stuck!


Myself and my perfect companion and business partner Jae, invite you to come experience our paradise!







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